【Taiwan】Local life and cultural journey: experience Taipei’s innovation!

by JoeBo
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In this trip, you will:

See the oldest yet best-preserved southern Fujian-style building in Taipei

Visit a farmers market with delicious international food, and creative performance places

Ride the unique city bike to enjoy the most casual afternoon at riverside park

Taste delicious Taiwanese food at the must-visit night market



We will visit the Maji Square that was remodeled after the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo first. The clean, tidy, and comfortable square provide visitors with delicious local and international food. Also, there is a farmers’market, a creative market, as well as a place for the performance of street artists at the square. Visitors can enjoy characteristic food at Taiwanese, Japanese, South Korean, European, American, and Southeast Asian-style restaurants based on their personal preference.


Built from containers and log garners, the creative market which opens in the afternoon is the best place for treasure hunting. The quality handwork booths, well-designed and irregular performances make the market an urban park for amusement.


After that, we will ride an Ubike to Lin An Tai Historical House & Museum, the oldest yet best-preserved southern Fujian-style building in Taipei. It was set up by LIN Qinming and his family in 1785 as they garnered a lot of money from doing business. The house was named after LIN’s place of origin Quanzhous Anxi and his store. It was then relocated to the current site due to the development of the city. The government of Taipei has built the museum and opened it to the public. As a traditional southern Fujian-style building, the house features a natural design. Ancestors’wisdom can be manifested from each part of the building. Therefore, it is an important tourist spot in Taipei.


Finally, we will head to Dajia Riverside Park by Ubike again. This is a vast place for citizens to get close to water after the straightening of the Keelung River. Visitors can appreciate the beautiful sceneries, renowned fountains and enjoy the most casual afternoon by bike on the green grass near the river. In addition to natural sceneries, there are also lots of sports facilities in the park. So, it is a good place for residents to relax and take exercises. Tourists can deeply integrate into the citizen culture of Taipei and experience local residents’casual life through such a journey. In the evening, we will enjoy world-renowned Taiwanese food at the Shilin night market, the most famous night market in Taipei, to end such a wonderful and busy day!



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